Good to know

Ideapark offers you wide range of services:

Ideapark’s Infodesk is at your service in Central Park according to Ideapark’s opening hours. City Guides can be found from the front doors. PDF version can be seen here.

Sanitary Rooms
There is five sanitary rooms (including disabled toilets) in Ideapark’s lower floor and two in upper floor. Three sanitary rooms include also child care rooms. Sanitary rooms are free of charge.

Cash Points
Two cash points are situated next to Central Park.

Cloakrooms and Lockers
There are 100 cabins for clothes and 500 smaller lockers for bags. They are situated next to sanitary rooms. They are free of charge but need a pledge of 1 € which will be returned.

Lost & Found
Lost & Found can be asked from Ideapark Infodesk. Lost & Found will be forwarded to Pirkanmaan Loytotavaratoimisto (= local lost & found agency) each Monday.

Wheelchairs and Electric Mopeds
Ideapark have three wheelchairs which can be loaned free of charge from Ideapark Infodesk (Central Park), Minimani (A entrance) or Prisma (D entrance). Ideapark have also eight electric mopeds in places listed before. They can be loaned free of charge.

Roller skates and Skateboards
Using roller skates or skateboards is forbidden in Ideapark.

For Dogs
Dogs are now allowed in Ideapark. Small dogs are welcome to fit clothes at Fifi et Fido and Musti ja Mirri stores. There is a dog park near to B entrance. For locking the door you need a coin (1 €) which will be returned. Use at your own risk. Water can be fetched from Petshop Faunatar near to B entrance.

For Caravaners
Caravaners are welcome to stay night at Ideapark’s parking area. There are electricity reserved for this at the southern part of parking area. A key for electricity can be collected from Ideapark Infodesk. We require 20 € pledge which will be returned. Other caravaner services are not available at the moment.

Ideapark Chapel can be found from Old Town. It is silent room where you can relax for a while and decelerate. Chapel is free of charge. The Chapel is maintained by local congregations.